“There’s a zillion people on the face of the earth and every last one of them is different...if we put that to work, we can really accomplish a lot of things."

Frank Macon, a documented Tuskegee airman who overcame a number of struggles and improbabilities, made history as a man who had a dream, and his perseverance made that dream come true. Born in Kansas City, Kansas. He moved to Colorado Springs when he was two weeks old which is why Frank always called Colorado Springs home.

Frank Macon became a part of living history as he carried out his days with stories of his time as an airman, and his commitment to his community. Frank belonged to the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Hubert L. Hooks Jones Chapter, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that dedicated itself to honoring the accomplishments and perpetuating the history of African-Americans who participated as Army Air Corps air crew, ground crew, and operations support training during World War II. Frank Macon believed every dream should be given wings, and that dreams come in many shapes and sizes. As a young man, Frank Macon overcame many struggles. He loved life and he wanted all students to learn to persevere and navigate through their challenges like his challenge with dyslexia.

Every Dream Should Be Given Wings

Frank was determined to leave behind a legacy that would help young folks find their footing in the world. Trade schools and trade careers are sometimes overlooked as successful, rewarding careers–but Frank knew better. Frank knew that working with one’s hands in a skilled trade could pay off beautifully–and for that reason, Frank wanted to leave a lasting legacy to make young people’s dreams of honest work in the skilled trades come true.

About the Trades

A career in the trades can be a rewarding path that allows you to choose an area of interest and learn skills that will translate into a fruitful career with competitive pay. Trades can include automotive careers and truck driving, as well as cosmetology and metalworking. Trades are defined as any occupation typically requiring specialized skills. These skills are usually learned through alternative programs and apprenticeships, rather than traditional 4-year college programs.

If you feel that college isn’t for you, but you dream of a job that brings purpose and skill with a steady paycheck to the table–explore these trades and the resources we have to help you!

Frank Macon Trust Scholarship Application Process

The Frank Macon Trust is designed to help folks connect with a career that will set them up for success. The goal of the trust is to provide financial resource through scholarships, while also offering resources and information regarding other available scholarships and aid.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship through the Frank Macon Trust, we invite you fill out our contact form and download the application here.  You will also be asked to submit photos/video/or other media showcasing your trade-skill interest and abilities. We love seeing the creativity, talent, skills, and abilities from our applicants! If your application is chosen for final consideration, please plan to participate in a phone call or video chat. We believe in the power of human connection, and for that reason we make every effort to personally discuss your hopes and dreams by phone or by video chat.

Application Form

Will I Be Accepted?

Applicants are not guaranteed a scholarship, but it is our goal to accommodate as many deserving individuals as possible. This is why our non-profit seeks the kind and generous donations of patrons and contributors that believe in the vision of Frank Macon. It is our goal to award scholarships and financial assistance to as many individuals as our budget will allow. We have created an application process that allows applicants to show their personality, talents, and aptitudes, and we select recipients with consideration to financial need, a proven desire to advance within a trade or skill, and an overall consideration of how our impact can help.
Apply Now

How Long Will it Take for Me to Hear Back?

Scholarships are awarded through a merit-based selection process, and our team works to review application submissions throughout the year. We operate with a cyclical schedule of application review and selection of recipients, with a Spring/Fall rotation. Fall applications will be considered and selected with a December deadline, with recipients receiving notification in that December timeframe. If you would like more information about our selection process and our calendar of consideration windows, please reach out to our office.