Metalworking Scholarships

What Does a Career in the Metalworking Industry Look Like?

A career in the metalworking industry includes welding, pipefitting, gunsmiths and more. A number of opportunities will be available to you as a trained and certified tradesperson in the metalworking industry.  Metalworking is both an art and a skill of precision, and so the jobs available to skilled metalworkers are often well-compensated and some specific jobs may even offer hazard pay. Because metalworking is such a precise and dangerous job, choosing top-notch training programs will serve you well as you forge a career in the metal industry.

Salary Range: $17,000 to $43,000 (ZipRecruiter)

Where can you Study to go into this Industry?

Reputable schools will offer precision metal work training and education with adherence to industry standards. Here are some resources to get you started.

Metalworking Scholarships

Metalworking Resources

Reputable welding trade school and metalworking training and apprenticeships can be found with a little bit of research. Remember to research the reputation and reviews of any trade school you consider. Take a look at the links below to give you some ideas. Generally speaking, reputable schools will offer precision metal work training and education with adherence to industry standards.

Discover resources to get you started:

Careers in Metalworking

Metalworking can be rewarding, fund, and valuable. The average metalworker can expect to make a very healthy middle-class salary, and the opportunity for growth and mastery is great

All of these areas can be a unique and valuable specialization for someone in the metal industry. Choosing to be a welder may place you on a slightly different path than a boilermaker, but the general path to apprenticeship and certification will be similar as you make your journey into metalworking as a dedicated career.

Apply for Metalworking Scholarships

As Baby Boomers retire and fewer folks from upcoming generations choose metalworking as a career, the need for skilled tradespeople in this industry is growing. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a metalworker, welder, or other metal industry career, we encourage you to apply! Don’t let financial hardship hold you back. We offer financial assistance through grants and scholarships made possible by the Frank Macon Trust. Visit the Apply Now page to learn how to apply, and we look forward to reading your application.