Cosmetologist & Barber Scholarships

What Does a Career in the Cosmetologist and Barber Industry Look Like?

The cosmetology and barber industry can go far beyond cutting hair. This industry is very people oriented and rooted in creativity, aesthetics, and fashion. In addition to hairstylists, cosmetology industry jobs include estheticians, nail technicians and manicurists, licensed make-up artists, and more. Even within the broad career path of cosmetology, you can choose to focus your expertise on a certain aspect of that skill. There are many accredited programs to help you achieve your dreams of working in the beauty industry. Consider visiting some of the links in the list near the bottom of this page to learn about a number of options in Colorado. 

Salary Range: $18,000 to $40,000 (BeautySchoolEdu)

What to Look for in Cosmetology Training

Cosmetology training will help you learn important skills, tools of the trade, best practices, and how to recognize and learn new trends in your beauty industry. Below you will find a list of local cosmetology schools.

Local Cosmetology Schools

Trade schools that offer training and certification in cosmetology include the Aveda Institute, Colorado Cosmetology School at IntelliTec College, and the TIGI Hairdressing Academy of Colorado Springs. There are many well-reputed educational institutions and training facilities, so searching for cosmetology training near you should yield many options. Cosmetology training will help you learn important skills, tools of the trade, best practices, and how to recognize and learn new trends in your beauty industry. The average full cosmetology program consists of 1,400-1,600 hours of education, training, and apprenticeship, but program and certification requirements may vary. To learn more about cosmetology school requirements, explore The Beauty School Directory. Cosmetology licensing can vary from state to state. In Colorado, you can find cosmetology and barber licensure requirements outlined here. Although continuing education credits are not required in the state of Colorado, you may want to consider regular continuing education to be sure you stay up on trends and keep your skills fresh and sharp.

Barber Schools

What differentiates a barber from a hairdresser is their emphasis on cutting hair shorter in addition to handling facial hair. The tools of their trade include a reliance on electric clippers, straight razors, and the iconic hot towel face shave.

Most cosmetology schools also include training and licensure programs for barbers. These Barber Schools include;

Cosmetologist & Barber Scholarships

Careers in Cosmetology

Careers in cosmetology vary from hair to skin to nails. The possibilities are practically endless, and wherever you choose to focus your talents, you’ll find a number of opportunities for developing a successful career in cosmetology with the right training and education.

Some careers in cosmetology include:

Apply for Cosmetologist & Barber Scholarships

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