Truck Driving Scholarships

What Does a Career in the Commercial Trucking Industry look like?

Truck drivers can expect to make increasingly competitive wages as the industry needs qualified drivers and the supply is not meeting the demand. If you enjoy driving, traveling, and are interested in a career as a commercial driver then obtaining proper training and a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) might be a great move for you.

Truck drivers often drive large trucks that haul and transport heavy goods or large quantities of various items. Hauling and transporting hazardous materials, various materials for industrial use, and warehouse transport are all examples of truck driving, but certainly the options for commercial truck driving extend far beyond these options. Wages range between $32,000 to $74,000 depending on level of experience and the job you maintain. Some truck drivers are independent contractors, while others are employees of companies or dedicated transport fleets.

Salary Range: $21,500 to $82,000 (ZipRecruiter)

Where Can You Study to get into this industry?

Truck driver school is a thing! To find a truck driving school near you, use your favorite search engine and type in something like: Colorado truck driving schools. You should find a number of options. Don’t jump onto the first one that you see. Spend some time sorting through the options. Find out what makes each one special, how much they cost, how long they will take, and what kind of credentials they prepare you for.
Make some calls! Ask lots of questions! Then pick the one that is right for you. 

truck driving scholarships

Truck Driver Requirements

As mentioned above, you can obtain training and career guidance through a number of truck driving schools and programs. To become a truck driver, you will also need a driving record that is free of some specific serious traveling violations, such as excessive speeding or reckless driving.

Truck driving jobs can involve long distances or local routes. Your job might be with a large trucking fleet or driving with a single company as crucial support in the transportation of goods and supplies. Regarding training, a number of fleet or company operations will train you, so you may not even need to attend a commercial driving school. If you know where you’d like to work find out what they offer in the way of training.  The opportunity to grow and develop your career as a truck driver can be promising, as the trucking industry is projected to see growth over the next 10-15 years.

Apply for Truck Driver Scholarships

If you are interested in applying for financial assistance to attend truck driving school, we encourage you to apply for a Frank Macon Trust scholarship. Frank Macon himself believed in the power and purpose of humans working hard for an honest living. We understand that a lot of emphasis is placed on four-year education, and trade careers (like truck driving) can be an overlooked opportunity. For this reason, many may find the cost of such trade schools and certification programs to be cost prohibitive, and so we offer scholarships and grants to help cover the cost of your education and training to become a certified CDL truck driver.