Healthcare Scholarships

Choosing a Career in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry offers many different careers across many different fields of healthcare. Healthcare careers include certified nursing assistants (CNA), radiology technologists, dental hygienist, and radiation therapist. The opportunities for a career in the healthcare industry are practically limitless, and many jobs are available with training and education that allows you to get started sooner than you might think.

Salary Range: $25,000 to $75,000 (ZipRecruiter)

Careers in the Healthcare Industry

Here is a list of some jobs in the medical industry that are well-compensated for a surprisingly short path to the required and proper credentials. You’ll find that many jobs in the healthcare field require little schooling and instead require direct training and specialized certification.

Healthcare Scholarships

Jobs in the Medical Industry

Careers can look a lot different depending what direction you choose. Dental hygienists can expect to clean and remove plaque and stains from teeth, take x-rays, and educate patients. Physical therapy assistants, on the other hand, will work closely with patients to carry out the prescribed plan of the physical therapists. It could be described as science and problem solving in action, as the physical therapist assistant will need to consider the patient and limitations along with the end-result to work through medically sound physiological treatments to achieve physical therapy goals. Because there are so many paths and opportunities in the healthcare industry, it is an exciting field to explore and research. Check out this article for a list of jobs in the healthcare field that don’t require a college degree.

Finding Your Path to a Career in the Healthcare Industry

The career path you choose in the medical industry will determine if you need training or a full-on degree. 

Local Training Programs & Schools

Some career paths in the healthcare industry, like becoming a phlebotomist, require specific training rather than a full-on degree. Specific training and certification requirements in Colorado for various healthcare occupations can be found at You can also find training programs that are reputable and reliable, such as the Pikes Peak Community College training programs available to Colorado residents.

Apply for Healthcare Scholarships

No matter what career path you choose in the healthcare field, we want to help you achieve your dream. Please find more information about applying for a scholarship through the Frank Macon Trust here.